Terms of Service and Use

1. Acceptance of Terms

Use of the CaffeineWiz.com website, CaffeineWiz webpages, CaffeineWiz services and CaffeineWiz information are subject to the following Terms of Service and Use (TOSAU).

The CaffeineWiz network of webpages and services are operated, maintained and offered as a service by NeonGecko.com Inc. without warranty of any kind.

The most recent version of the TOSAU is available for viewing at CaffeineWiz.com/TermsofServiceandUse .

The TOSAU is subject to revision at any time without notice.

2. CaffeineWiz Services Description
CaffeineWiz provides an open internet community space to post, read, write, and participate in conversations about a broad variety of topics. 

3. Content
Content on the CaffeineWiz network of websites is submitted by multiple authors, each of whom is responsible for the contents of any material submitted. CaffeineWiz will not knowingly accept or publish protected works, illegal materials, or other materials that do not meet the standards outlined below under the "Code of Conduct". Users of the CaffeineWiz network of sites agree not to submit materials for which they do not have appropriate rights or innapropriate material. CaffeineWiz.com specifically disclaims responsibility for use of third party copyrighted material or trademarks, but will swiftly remove any material identified as infringing or belonging to a third party. Users agree that any submitted material is subject to modification, editing, or deletion by CaffeineWiz staff. Additionally, material submitted to CaffeineWiz sites may be displayed on other NeonGecko.com sites. All original content posted to CaffeineWiz sites is protected by copyright under US and international copyright law. Content on CaffeineWiz sites may not be published or reproduced without written permission by CaffeineWiz. 

NeonGecko.com Inc., CaffeineWiz.com, CaffeineWiz, and the names of all websites provided by NeonGecko.com Inc. are trademarks of NeonGecko.com Inc. All Rights Reserved.

4. Code of Conduct
All users of CaffeineWiz services agree to at all times abide by the following rules governing content, conduct, and uses of CaffeineWiz services:

5. Appropriate Conduct and Use

Any and all content including user submitted content is subject to modification or deletion at any time at the sole discretion of NeonGecko.com Inc. and without any notice.

Last Update: 7/11/2017